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Track your favorite athletes

Track your favorite athletes, family and friends participating in Ironman™ or Half Ironman™ event.
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Get push updates during the race. Track multiple athletes on one screen. Get geo location of each athlete. Compare athletes side by side during and after race.

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Clients feedbacks

Worked as described Used to track a friend at 2015 Lake Placid event. Also tracked 5 of his age group competitors. Provided split times and gap times to his son to relay during event. He won his age group.

Pete Gardiner

Great app. Can track their GEO position on a map so if you are there you know where to see them.

Donna Carey

Amazing app! Thank you for this incredible app! Was able to track my athlete all day, thank you!

Rachel Mazurkewich

Useful for day tracking Does exactly what was expected. Would give it 5 stars if it provided an option to see units in English systems (miles, mph, minutes/mile)

Michael Foster

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